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Child Knowledge Centre

Our Balya Gyan Kendra project is a transformative initiative that aims to open a center in every village or ward of a city and work for the development of women, children and farmers through the centre. The primary objective of this project is to provide free education and provide a range of essential services to support the growth and well-being of these communities.
Our childhood knowledge centers are places where everyone can learn and grow. We help education and development of children, women and farmers, improving our society.

Our Childhood Objectives of Knowledge Center Project:

Our Childhood The Gyan Kendra project aims to establish centers in every village or ward of a city dedicated to developing women, children and farmers. primaryFocusis to provide free education to children from classes 1 to 5, with a nominal admission fee of just Rs. 50 for life, ensuring access to quality education without financial constraints.
The scheme aims to provide ten essential services including emergency loans, scholarship competition, talent search programme, Brahma Bhoj Seva, Kanyadaan Yojana, healthcare products, hydroponic farming, crop insurance scheme, agricultural alloy seeds, and agricultural tools and digital services.
Our Childhood Gyan Kendra project helps children, women and farmers in various ways to improve their lives. It gives them opportunities to learn and develop. The project also promotes organic hydroponic farming, which is good for the environment and provides training to those who want to be a part of sustainable agriculture.

Our Childhood The ten services offered at the Knowledge Center include:

Emergency Loans: Our emergency loans help farmers and women get loans from Rs 10,000 to Rs 5,00,000 whenever they need money. However, you have to pay Rs 2510 to open a savings account to get the emergency loan facility.

Scholarship Competition: We have two types of groups: Group A (from class 5 to 7) and Group B (from class 8 to 10). this related to educationScholarship competitions are organized four times a year and everyone participates in it. After completing their studies and qualifications, we continue their education until they settle into their careers.

Talent Search Program:In this program, we organize competitions for people aged 5 to 45 years where they can participate in talent competitions. Our program covers many areas, such as art, sports, music, dance and literature. The membership charge for this program is ₹500.

Brahma Bhoja Seva: To avail the benefits of Brahm Bhoj Seva, you must pay a subscription fee of ₹2100. Once you become a member of Brahma Bhoj Seva Scheme, you will get many benefits and services depending on the duration of your subscription.

0-3 years: Members who have subscribed to the scheme for 0-3 years are eligible for a benefit of ₹10,001.

3-5 years: Customers who have been a part of the scheme for 3-5 years are eligible for a benefit of ₹21,000.

5-10 years: Members who have subscribed to Brahma Bhoj Seva Scheme for 5-10 years can benefit from ₹51,000.

Ten years later: Persons associated with the scheme for more than ten years are eligible for additional benefits; They can earn ₹ 1,01,000.

Kanyadan Yojana:In the project, we provide money to the families for their daughters so that they can get their daughters married. Our scheme is for all castes, creeds and classes.

0-5 years:Girls aged 0-5 benefit from ₹5100 to ₹1,05,000can get।

0-8 years: Girls aged 0-8 benefit from ₹4100 to ₹81,000.

0-10 years: The Kanyadaan Yojana scheme benefits girls aged 0-10 years from ₹3100 to ₹61,000.

0-12 years: Girls aged 0-12 can benefit from ₹2100 to ₹41,000.

0-14 years: Girls aged 0-14 can benefit from ₹1001 to ₹21,000.

Health Care Products:The Healthcare Products scheme offers discounted rates on essential items across sectors including spices, healthcare, home care and agriculture. Members get 50% discount on spices, medicines, cleaning agents and agricultural implements. We aim to provide these products cheaply to farmers, women and children.

Hydroponic Cultivation: This technique allows 100% organic farming on platforms, houses and terraces. We rent out people's land and property for commercial use and provide training for the same.
Our hydroponic farming project helps farmers grow plants without soil, instead using water with nutrients. We provide tools, training and support to help farmers learn and use these new methods, which are environmentally friendly and farmers morefoodHelps in growth.

Crop Insurance Scheme: childhoodOur Fasal Bima Yojana scheme at Gyan Kendra provides free crop insurance to farmers. It helps protect against crop damage due to natural calamities or other problems. Farmers do not have to pay for insurance, which motivates them to use sustainable farming methods.

Agriculture Straw Business: Childhood Our agriculture at the center of knowledgestraw The Bij Scheme helps farmers by providing concessions on essential agricultural inputs like fertilizers and seeds. Organization members get 50% off these items, making them even more affordable. It helps farmers grow better crops and sustainably manage their land.

Agriculture Straw Business: Agricultural Tools and Digital Services: Our Agricultural Tools and Digital Services project helps farmers with modern tools and digital services for farming. With these tools and services, farmers can work smarter, grow more crops and make better decisions.

They also receive training and support to use these resources effectively. By using technology and digital tools, farmers can improve their farming practices and stay competitive. This project is essential because it helps farmers succeed and promotes sustainable agriculture.